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Please contact FLS specialists services or Plant-Supervision instead.


Cement, Raw and Coal Mills

Support your team

As a Mill Specialist with worldwide experience from commissioning, trouble shooting and optimization of mill departments supplied by FLSmidth, I have dealt with many process challenges and provided suitable competent solutions to production managers.

We all know there are repeat failure equipments and process control instability leading to losses of uptime and efficiency in operations which is why a remote review with recommendations can provide improvement opportunities.

I offer an affordable alternative to an expensive service engineer site visit.

I will only provide a proposal for requests within my competence.

Looking for cost savings

    Improve production efficiency through capacity optimization.

    • Review of crash-stop data
    • Process stability optimization 
    • Post commissioning output
    • Ball mill operational review
    • Vertical mill operational review
    • Separator status and efficiency
    • Reduce specific power consumption

    First step is to reach out and request a proposal overview which is free if you choose to decline the offer:


    • the proposal defines the scope
    • high level requirements
    • deliverables
    • affected parties/business
    • affected processes or systems
    • specific exlusions from scope
    • implementation plan/timeline
    • overview of costs/payment terms

    Experience makes the difference




    Fair pricing setup/value for the client

    Friendly review

    I enjoy collaboration with Site and my priority is to resolve your challenges.

    Service report offers

    • Content of the scope
    • Actions
    • Findings
    • Recommendations

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